Does Anyone Remember Helen MacInnes?

Does anyone remember Helen MacInnes?  She was a best-selling author who wrote espionage thrillers beginning in the 1940’s.  The forties–a time when women were supposed to be barefoot and in the kitchen.  The average monthly salary was $1,299 and only one in five Americans had a car.  This was the world that Scottish-born MacInnes found herself in when she decided to write her novels. Continue reading Does Anyone Remember Helen MacInnes?

Italy: The Purr-fect Vacation

If you have ever been to Rome, Italy you might recall seeing cats lounging among the ruins.  I vacationed in Italy and it was the strangest, most incongruous of sights.  I still think about those felines languorously lounging among stone pillars and crumbling foundations. Continue reading Italy: The Purr-fect Vacation