The Universal Law of More Than One Celebrity In A Family…And Chick Lit

Paris & Nicky Hilton

Let’s begin with an analogy.  Gemma Townley is to Sophie Kinsella as Nicky Hilton is to Paris.  Got it?  Both Hilton sisters are attractive, thin and rich.  Both are talented at self-promotion, designing things and being famous for er–being famous.  Point is, one sister’s star shines brighter than the other.

Gemma Townley is a British Chick Lit writer and the lesser known sister of Sophie Kinsella (aka known as Madeline Wickham) of Shopaholic fame.  While Sophie has strong face and name recognition many fans of chick lit barely know who Gemma Townley is, and that is despite the fact that she’s had seven novels published. Continue reading “The Universal Law of More Than One Celebrity In A Family…And Chick Lit”


Italy: The Purr-fect Vacation

Stray Cat In Front Of The Coliseum

If you have ever been to Rome, Italy you might recall seeing cats lounging among the ruins.  I vacationed in Italy and it was the strangest, most incongruous of sights.  I still think about those felines languorously lounging among stone pillars and crumbling foundations. Continue reading “Italy: The Purr-fect Vacation”