Popcorn And Red Wine Go Together Like… Uhm…

Popcorn has always been delicious. It has never needed much dressing up, a little salt, a little butter and bada bing – even the pickiest eaters are happy. But with foodies constantly searching for new ways to enjoy old standards and the Olivia Pope Effect, the demand for fancy-schmancy popcorn recipes and effective popcorn and wine pairings has risen to an all time high, especially pairings of pop corn and red wine. They go together like… uhm… well, actually they don’t go together.

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Have You Made The Switch To Organic Wine Yet?

I’m pretty sure the fictional French red wine Olivia Pope drinks on Scandal is not organic. Most wines are not. But eventually she will come around to wanting a wine that does not have sulfites, artificial fertilizers and pesticides; especially since show creator Shonda Rhimes decided to say yes to organic food as discussed in her book Year Of Yes.

Do you like those elements in your wine?  Probably not. However, while some people, many people have jumped on the organic food bandwagon, they do not always desire organic beverages.

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The Thing About Pimento Cheese

As a child of the South, pimento cheese sandwiches were a welcome staple in our house.  Hey, I was seven years old – what did I know about processed food and neon orange dye? Nothing.  Ah, the halcyon days before organic, non-GMO foods were an alternative to the primary food supply.  At any rate, the whimsy of pimento cheese spread on soft white bread (crusts cut off, please) still brings a smile to my face and a zesty zing to my taste buds.  I haven’t eaten one in…wow, probably twenty years.

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