Okinawa: Living In Paradise

I have just relocated to the U.S. after living in Okinawa for the past three years.  For those of you not up on your Japanese geography, Okinawa is a tropical paradise of an island situated south of Japan in the East China sea and approximately 340 miles from the Japanese mainland.  The sand is white, the water blue and the landscape dotted with palm fronds blowing in the breeze, pineapple trees and mango plants.  What’s not to love, right?  Wrong. Continue reading Okinawa: Living In Paradise


Italy: The Purr-fect Vacation

If you have ever been to Rome, Italy you might recall seeing cats lounging among the ruins.  I vacationed in Italy and it was the strangest, most incongruous of sights.  I still think about those felines languorously lounging among stone pillars and crumbling foundations. Continue reading Italy: The Purr-fect Vacation

Love In The Poconos

So, this is NOT me and my husband in this picture but YES that is a champagne glass shaped whirlpool.  My husband surprised me this past weekend with a romantic getaway to the Poconos.  I have never been to the Poconos, never even though about going there but we spent two nights at the Pocono Palace, an all-inclusive resort in an awesome room that featured a heart-shaped pool, the aforementioned jacuzzi, a sauna and a shower that doubled as a steam room. Continue reading Love In The Poconos