How To Make Strawberry Shortcake With Biscuits

Wondering what to do with all of those fresh strawberries you picked at the local farm? Or maybe you picked them up at the local grocery store or farm stand? We’re baking biscuits and making shortcake. Get the recipe on Due South Magazine.

How To Make Strawberry Shortcake With Biscuits

Southern Fried Delicious

I’m not alone when I say that I. love. food. Who doesn’t love an organic, farm-to-table meal prepared with tender loving care? I search for these types of meals when I go out to eat, and I also create this experience at home. With so many different types of food to choose from, you’d think it would be difficult to choose a favorite, right? Au contraire mon ami.  Hands down, I will always be partial to Southern American food. Continue reading Southern Fried Delicious

The Thing About Pimento Cheese

As a child of the South, pimento cheese sandwiches were a welcome staple in our house.  Hey, I was seven years old – what did I know about processed food and neon orange dye? Nothing.  Ah, the halcyon days before organic, non-GMO foods were an alternative to the primary food supply.  At any rate, the whimsy of pimento cheese spread on soft white bread (crusts cut off, please) still brings a smile to my face and a zesty zing to my taste buds.  I haven’t eaten one in…wow, probably twenty years.

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