Honey-Roasted Carrots

If you are a fan of candied sweet potatoes, you will probably love the delightful side dish of roasted honey-glazed carrots.  Depending on what type of carrots you use, the recipe can be prepared and completed fairly quickly.

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An Elegant Dessert: Raspberry-Cabernet Sauvignon Gelatin

Whether you’re looking for a grown up way to reclaim the deliciousness of the juvenile Jello shot, or just want an elegant dessert to wow your guests, freshly made gelatin combined with a fruity red wine will never disappoint. My Raspberry-Cabernet Sauvignon Gelatin Recipe is so simple to make!  It takes three ingredients and under ten minutes to prep and complete, before placing the dessert in the refrigerator to gel.

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The Thing About Pimento Cheese

As a child of the South, pimento cheese sandwiches were a welcome staple in our house.  Hey, I was seven years old – what did I know about processed food and neon orange dye? Nothing.  Ah, the halcyon days before organic, non-GMO foods were an alternative to the primary food supply.  At any rate, the whimsy of pimento cheese spread on soft white bread (crusts cut off, please) still brings a smile to my face and a zesty zing to my taste buds.  I haven’t eaten one in…wow, probably twenty years.

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