The Imposter’s Daughter

Two nights ago, I purchased a graphic novel-as-memoir entitled The Imposter’s Daughter.  I initially bought this novel because I am acquainted with the author, Laurie Sandell.  I met her via email several years ago when I submitted an essay to Glamour Magazine.  She responded enthusiastically, genuinely liked my writing and worked to get my essay placed in her magazine.

Unfortunately, because a similar piece was already in development at the magazine, the powers that be passed on my article.  I recently touched based with Laurie and discovered that she had written a memoir published in 2009 (paperback came out in July 2010).

So this week, I found myself, latte in hand wandering around Barnes and Noble looking for the new novel about Emily Dickinson by Lyndall Gordon, Lives Like Loaded Guns.  I saw Laurie’s book prominently displayed on a table in the front of the store featuring new releases.  I snatched it up, adding it to my previous selection and found a private corner in which to read. Continue reading The Imposter’s Daughter