Freshwater Is Much More Than A Coming Of Age Story

Freshwater is probably the most creative story you will read all year. Bursting with more imagination than a three-year-old, slippery as the python gracing its cover and as deep as the words of the title fresh water evoke, Nigerian-born author Akwaeke Emezi has created a character-driven story that will either confuse the reader or elucidate their way for deeper understanding of themselves and the universe. I suppose it depends on just how enlightened you are. I’ll let you decide what enlightened means to you.

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Who Fears Death

Read my latest review of Nnedi Okorafor’s Who Fears Death, a post-apocalyptic fairy tale in war-torn East Sudan.  Look for this review and more from me in coming weeks as I contribute to CS Monitor Books.  Read the review here.

Cleopatra – A Biography

Oh no, not another biography about the infamous Queen of the Nile!  Oh yes, Dear Readers…only this time Duane W. Roller’s well researched profile of the Egyptian Queen covers the real Cleopatra, not the one her enemies wanted you to know.

If you care to read about the interesting parallels I found in Cleopatra’s lifetime with today’s contemporary female politicians and their struggle for equality, read on.

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