Cleopatra – A Biography

CleopatraOh no, not another biography about the infamous Queen of the Nile!  Oh yes, Dear Readers…only this time Duane W. Roller’s well researched profile of the Egyptian Queen covers the real Cleopatra, not the one her enemies wanted you to know.

If you care to read about the interesting parallels I found in Cleopatra’s lifetime with today’s contemporary female politicians and their struggle for equality, read on.

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The Imposter’s Daughter

Two nights ago, I purchased a graphic novel-as-memoir entitled The Imposter’s Daughter.  I initially bought this novel because I am acquainted with the author, Laurie Sandell.  I met her via email several years ago when I submitted a personal essay about domestic violence on college campuses to Glamour Magazine.  She responded enthusiastically, genuinely liked my writing and worked to get my essay placed in her magazine.

Unfortunately, because a similar story was already in development at the magazine, the powers that be passed on my article.  I recently touched based with Laurie and discovered that she had written a memoir published in 2009 (paperback came out in July 2010).  I told her I would definitely purchase a copy and promptly forgot about her book amongst the chaos of relocating to a new area and raising two boys.

So this week, I found myself, latte in hand wandering around Barnes and Noble looking for the new novel about Emily Dickinson by Lyndall Gordon, Lives Like Loaded Guns.  I saw Laurie’s book prominently displayed on a table in the front of the store featuring new releases.  I snatched it up, adding it to my previous selection and found a private corner in which to read. Continue reading “The Imposter’s Daughter”