Grits, Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Pie, Oh My!

Amazingly, the most popular key word searches for this little blog about books and writing continues to be food-based terms, particular grits, fried chicken and sweet potato pie.  For all of you Southern and Soul Foodies out there looking for a satisfying read, please check out the resources at one of my favorite periodicals:  Our State, a magazine that features the delicious cuisine of North Carolina.


Cleopatra – A Biography

CleopatraOh no, not another biography about the infamous Queen of the Nile!  Oh yes, Dear Readers…only this time Duane W. Roller’s well researched profile of the Egyptian Queen covers the real Cleopatra, not the one her enemies wanted you to know.

If you care to read about the interesting parallels I found in Cleopatra’s lifetime with today’s contemporary female politicians and their struggle for equality, read on.

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