Have You Made The Switch To Organic Wine Yet?

I’m pretty sure the fictional French red wine Olivia Pope drinks on Scandal is not organic. Most wines are not. But eventually she will come around to wanting a wine that does not have sulfites, artificial fertilizers and pesticides; especially since show creator Shonda Rhimes decided to say yes to organic food as discussed in her book Year Of Yes.

Do you like those elements in your wine?  Probably not. However, while some people, many people have jumped on the organic food bandwagon, they do not always desire organic beverages.

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Red Apple Vinaigrette – A Recipe

This past weekend, I went to the Virginia Wine Expo in Richmond, Va.  In case you didn’t know, there are over 200+ wineries in Virginia, many of which were in attendance.  I had the opportunity to try an excellent hard apple cider, a Viking-era mead (honey wine), some great regional reds and a delicious Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar I purchased from the good folks at The Olive Oil Taproom, located in Richmond, VA.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to use the balsamic vinegar, but when I tasted it – it was such a pure, sweet red apple taste – I just had to purchase a bottle.  Several friends recommend pork dishes but I don’t usually eat pork, so my mind went immediately to salad dressings and appropriate salads.

After a little research and taste-testing in the kitchen, I decided on an apple salad:

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