Red Apple Vinaigrette – A Recipe

balsamic_vinegarThis past weekend, I went to the Virginia Wine Expo in Richmond, Va.  In case you didn’t know, there are over 200+ wineries in Virginia, many of which were in attendance.  I had the opportunity to try an excellent hard apple cider, a Viking-era mead (honey wine), some great regional reds and a delicious Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar I purchased from the good folks at The Olive Oil Taproom, located in Richmond, VA.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to use the balsamic vinegar, but when I tasted it – it was such a pure, sweet red apple taste – I just had to purchase a bottle.  Several friends recommend pork dishes but I don’t usually eat pork, so my mind went immediately to salad dressings and appropriate salads.

After a little research and taste-testing in the kitchen, I decided on an apple salad:

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Love In The Poconos

That is NOT me and my husband in this picture but YES that is a champagne glass shaped whirlpool.  My husband surprised me this past weekend with a romantic getaway to the Poconos.  I have never been to the Poconos, never even though about going there but we spent two nights at the Pocono Palace, an all-inclusive resort in an awesome room that featured a heart-shaped pool, the aforementioned jacuzzi, a sauna and a shower that doubled as a steam room. Continue reading “Love In The Poconos”