Honey-Roasted Carrots

If you are a fan of candied sweet potatoes, you will probably love the delightful side dish of roasted honey-glazed carrots.  Depending on what type of carrots you use, the recipe can be prepared and completed fairly quickly.

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Popcorn And Red Wine Go Together Like… Uhm…

Popcorn has always been delicious. It has never needed much dressing up, a little salt, a little butter and bada bing – even the pickiest eaters are happy. But with foodies constantly searching for new ways to enjoy old standards and the Olivia Pope Effect, the demand for fancy-schmancy popcorn recipes and effective popcorn and wine pairings has risen to an all time high, especially pairings of pop corn and red wine. They go together like… uhm… well, actually they don’t go together.

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The Case For Organic… Everything

There continues to be proponents for not buying organic appearing on television and writing online in support of not labeling genetically modified food and not eating organic. However as time progresses and more studies are done, the amount of toxicity in our food supply rises and society as a whole realizes that consuming toxic chemicals with our food and beverages is not healthy, it becomes clearer that going completely organic is the healthiest choice for both humans and pets.

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