You Want Me To Put What In My Hair?

The invention of hair relaxers, like many other major discoveries occurred as an accident in the early nineteenth century when inventor Garret A. Morgan rubbed his hands, covered with his latest experimental lubricating liquid for his sewing machine onto a fur cloth. The next day, the fur was straight.  Morgan went on to develop a commercially successful product sold to African-Americans.  And while we applaud Morgan’s entrepreneurial spirit, so began a long history of creating toxic products in pursuit of beauty. Going forward, sodium hydroxide would continue to be the primary ingredient found in hair relaxers. This is the same solution found in commercial drain cleaners.

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To Curl Or Not To Curl: Stuff Naturalistas Have To Consider


Regardless of your ethnicity or culture, natural hair is all the rage, it is even, dare I say – mainstream? Case in point, awhile back the skin, hair and beauty company Dove came out  with a heart wrenching commercial about little girls and curls. It was sappy and cute all in the name of advertising their new line of curl-friendly products, but the trend to embrace natural hair has moved out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

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Clay Is Ah-mazing!

Even with natural and holistic products gaining popularity with the mainstream, there are still many people who believe that natural products do not work as well as synthetically produce products. However Bentonite clay is something almost everyone can agree is effective in many ways. Found in nature, inexpensive and with the ability to clean and remove toxins from almost anything organic it comes in touch with, Bentonite clay is one item every household should have.

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