Hi! Nikki here! Welcome to my blog. This is where I write about all of the things important to me, and hopefully interesting and informative to you! I’m passionate about healthy organic eating and mindfulness in all things. So there’s a lot of that.

As the founder of Holloway Literary and a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling literary agent, I kinda have a thing for writing, writers and books. So don’t be surprised if you see bookish topics on my blog as well. If you want advice on writing and how to get published, make sure you also stop by Holloway Literary’s Writerific blog.

Though I have traveled the world as a military spouse, I was born and raised in North Carolina and I celebrate all things southern! So if you see a proliferation of posts about fried chicken, author Charles Frazier and my top three things to do in Nashville… that’s why.

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