15 Great Independent Bookstores in North Carolina

One of my favorite regional magazines, Our State compiled a list of 15 awesome bookstores to visit in North Carolina. I like that they’re not listing the best bookstores, because when it comes to bookstores, the best can be subjective.

Take me for example. I like bookstores that are mid-size, not big-box but not small, cramped and dusty either. I’ve been to quirky bookstores that were minimalistic with tall windows, white walls and few books and tiny places that look like a hoarder’s paradise. My ideal place is somewhere in the middle: cozy, with an eclectic mix of books, coffee brewing in a corner, Nora Jones crooning from the ether and lots of comfy chairs. I’m still on the lookout for that bookstore.

Unbelievably, I have only been to one bookstore on the list, Quail Ridge Books which is one of the best bookstores in the Raleigh-metro area. Their visiting author’s program is amazing. It goes without saying that I have some travel plans to make. There are some bookstores in the mountains and on the beach that are calling my name!

Do you have a favorite bookstore? If so, do share! There’s nothing a reader loves more than a recommendation for a must-visit bookstore.

Read Our State’s 15 Great Independent Bookstores in North Carolina.


3 thoughts on “15 Great Independent Bookstores in North Carolina

  1. Here in Naperville, Illinois, we have an excellent indie bookstore, Anderson’s. We also have a Half Price Books and not too far from Naperville, The Frugal Muse, a used bookstore. We also have a Barnes and Noble and had a Border’s until they went out of business.


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