Character Development…Downton Abbey-Style

The Crawley Sisters
The Crawley Sisters

I recently got hooked on the show Downton Abbey and after watching all three seasons in an embarrassingly short amount of time, I wondered what made the story so great. Then I listed everything I loved about the show and to my surprise, it wasn’t the plotting, the setting or the awesome wardrobe.  My list turned out something like this: Carson, Mary, Matthew, Cora, Maggie Smith/Dowager, Tom, Sybil… All about the characters, obviously.

Then I found a blog post that totally got what I was thinking.  Downton Abbey is the perfect study in character development.  Creating round characters is not just about deciding on eye color, style of dress and whether or not they walk with a limp.  It’s much more complicated, much more nuanced than that.  Read the article here.


Amanda F., Intern

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