The Appeal Of The Ancient Scot

Before I read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series (This post, mind you is not about Jamie and the time-traveling Claire.  That’s for a later post) , I never realized how hot Scottish men were.  (Of course, there is Sean Connery and Gerard Butler pictured here, but I mean in the historical sense.

Reading the Outlander series actually caused me to go in search of novels about sexy Scottish men.  (There are, I found, tons of romance novels about smokin‘ hot Scots.  I only read them if they have a supernatural element to them.) Which is how I discovered Karen Marie Moning’s The Highlander series.

The book cover usually has a ridiculously buff and tanned male specimen barely covered in a tartan and ravishing a beautiful woman.  But this cover does not do the contents of the book justice, nor does the category Romance which these books are invariably pigeonholed.  Thankfully, the books have been re-issued with new covers that don’t scream Count Ravishes Virgin.

In addition to being a bibliophile and a foodie, I love reading about ancient history and archaeology.  Additionally, I am not a fan of science fiction AT ALL but I love books involving time-travel, so this series satisfies me on many, many levels.

This series typically involves an attractive (aren’t they always?) heroine who happens to have, oh I don’t know – a PhD in history or works in a museum or something that somehow links them to ancient history or artifacts.  She’s the girl-next-door you’d bump into on the street in Any Town, USA.  Then there is an odd but totally believable –  in the context of the book – situation that causes our gal to travel back into time to ancient Scotland, or sometimes causes a tartan-clad hunk to travel forward (there is also a smoldering Scot trapped in a mirror but it’s complicated – read the book).  Either way, there is drama, mystery, suspense (the heroine is always in danger at some point and her swarthy Scottish hunk has to save the day) and steamy hot…erotica.

The description of the Scottish hunks in these books are not to be missed.  They are usually six and a half feet with rippling muscles, abnormally endowed (down there) with gorgeous chiseled faces, intense eyes and long dark hair (I don’t usually like long hair on guys, but for these lads, I make exceptions.)  I could gush at length about how hot these guys are but I won’t.  Just read the book. I don’t specifically read erotica but there are a few scenes in these books that will leave you in search of a cold shower, or really happy to see your husband when he comes home from work.

I have to admit, these books are the teeniest bit formulaic but they are sooo good, I just don’t care.  And I like the fact that while each book is a standalone, each character is loosely related to previous characters.  If you like the first book in this series, you’ll love them all.  Begin with Beyond The Highland Mist.  Go here for the complete chronological order of 8 novels in the series.

2 thoughts on “The Appeal Of The Ancient Scot

  1. Oh I so agree on these books. I read The Outlander series first as well, and Jaimie is still my favorite Hero of any book, and Gabaldon is definitely a step above so many other authors. But the Karen Marie Moning Highlander books are definitely not to be missed. LOVE THEM!! And yeah, reading them sends you on an internet search for some pictures of real Scottish hotties (which is what led me to your site). But they just don’t make them like they do in those books.

    For more yummy Highlanders of old, and really fun Heroines (and good writing), check out Julie Garwood. She writes 2 short Highlander series; the Highland Laird series, and what I think is called the Fiance series.. All of her books that I have read are great, and I love how they all sort of intertwine with each other, even when they’re not part of the same series. If you haven’t read them all, you don’t miss anything, but as you are going through them you start to recognize names and perhaps characters from other books. And they’re always told from the outsider’s point of view that is coming into the group. Like for the Highland Laird series, all the Highland Lairds are connected, but the story is mostly told from the Heroine’s point of view that is meeting the Laird. Makes me wish there were more pictures of hot guys in kilts……

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