Reds & White In The Poconos

During our visit to the Poconos, my husband and I visited Sorrenti Cherry Valley Vineyards in Stroudsburg, PA.

We sampled several varieties of wine in the store which was a smallish space with an intimate, rustic feel.  A bar runs along side of one wall, while a few elegant wrought-iron chairs and tables  fill the center of the building.  And display after display of red, white, blush and fruity wines dominate the remainder of the room.

While we were selecting the wines we wanted to purchase, the room quickly filled up with customers eager for a tour of the facility.  After a final call for the next walking tour, we moved next door with a large group of wine aficionados eager to learn about the ins and outs of wine making.  An industrial looking building of unfinished brick and uncovered piping housed all of the actual equipment used in making wine.  The process is interesting and technical enough to keep my husband (not a wine drinker) interested.  The owner, a vivacious woman with a mass of graying-blonde curls kept saying things like ‘cylinder’ and ‘air pressure which I must admit stole some of the romance of wine making for me but there were interesting tidbits interspersed throughout the technical explanation.

The owner then showed us how fresh fruit was washed, chilled and turned into wine using all organic ingredients.  I also learned that there are wines made of inorganic ingredients, which is certainly good information too have.  I generally try to keep an organic kitchen and certainly don’t want to imbibe pesticides when I am enjoying a nice dry red.  I was also surprised to learn that there are many wines loaded with added sugar.  Like many people, I watch my sugar intake, so I was pleased to learn that the only sugar found in Cherry Valley wines are the one naturally occurring ones found in the grapes or fruit used when making the wine.

The owner of the winery informed us that their wines had won many awards and after tasting their fruit wines, I could understand why.  I tried spiced apple, strawberry and raspberry.  They were all delish, very fruity and sweet tasting.  We purchased several bottles of strawberry and raspberry for our home collection and to give as gifts.

While there, we received a pamphlet about all of the wineries in the area.  There are several and the brochure mapped out the Pocono Wine Trail.  There are enough to make a weekend of it, if you’re that interested.  One winery was enough for hubby and I, but should we return to the area, we will certainly visit some of the other wineries in the area.

I  should also add that the grounds are lovely with a glistening pool of  water at its center, lush green grass and blooming flowers everywhere.  The area is perfect for a romantic walk with your significant other…or a wedding which we witnessed as we were leaving the winery.

Cherry Valley is a bit off the beaten path but definitely worth the visit.


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