Who Is Sophie Katz?







I absolutely adore this chick lit/mystery series by Kyra Davis.  I don’t normally read mysteries or novels where characters are murdered (unless it’s an espionage thriller of the Brad Thor or Vince Flynn variety) but the main character Sophie Katz is so cool and engaging that you are quickly drawn into her world.

Sophie is a gorgeous (but flawed) bi-racial novelist based in San Francisco.  (She’s half-black, half-Jewish, just like the author) in and out of love with a sexy, mysterious PI named Anatoly who is Russian and also kicked butt in the Israeli Army.  Sophie has an annoyingly perfect sister, meddling mother and de rigueur gaggle of quirky girlfriends.  But what keeps me going back to this series, seriously, is the writing.  Kyra Davis is a very good writer.   The series is kind of edgy with lots of sharp humor, sexy scenes and numerous commercials for Starbucks and the City of San Francisco.  This series  encourages me to visit San Francisco and do a coffee shop crawl.

Whenever I find a really good book or series, I always wonder why it hasn’t been turned into a movie.  Considering that seventies and eighties remakes are king right now in Hollywood, it should be a no brainer to turn to the local bookstore and library in search of fresh movie ideas.  Take the  Sophie Katz series for example, I think this would make a great series of movies.  Davis is a best-selling novelist, so she already has a built in fan base. 

Gossip Girl's Jessica Szor
Jessica Szor
Rashida Jones

At the least, it is fun to imagine who could play the lead role of Sophie Katz.  After doing a little research on talented bi-racial actresses, I suggest Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr or Rashida Jones.

Or how about going with Jessica Alba (remember when she played a mixed-race girl in the film, Honey?  It could work.)

My vote is for Jessica Szohr.  She’s gorgeous, talented and with a little water and leave-in condition her hair will frizz up into a Sophie Katz-style mass of curls.

Is She Sophie Katz?

But back to the books…  Start with the first novel in the series Sex, Murder And A Double Latte and just keep going.   Seven Swans A Shooting, a mini-novella and part of Killer Fiction Writer’s  Twelve Days of Killer Fiction, is the latest installment in the Sophie Katz saga.

seven swans

3 thoughts on “Who Is Sophie Katz?

  1. Nice review on this series. I totally agree that Hollywood should make this into a movie but hope they will do a better job at casting and developing the story in the movie. I also totally agree with your choices for the main cast. All three of them will be able to pull the character off perfectly. (I totally did not agree with Hollywood on “The Last Song” cast.)

    1. Thanks for the comment. I totally agree, sometimes Hollywood gets it terribly wrong when casting movies. If they do make the Sophie Katz series into a movie(s) I hope they get it right. I have not read The Last Song, how is the film casting different from the novel characterization?

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