Lady Of Hay – A Timeless Read

I know that most book review blogs review newly published books, and I fully intend to do that.  But as I may have mentioned, I am a VORACIOUS reader with so many good books that I have read still rattling around in my noggin, that I want to bring them to the attention of brand new readers.  A good book is truly timeless, so occasionally (or maybe quite often) I will write about some of my favorite books in the hopes that new readers will discover a little treasure collecting dust on the shelves of their library.

One such book is Lady Of Hay by Barabara Erskine. Love, love, love this book!!!  In fact, I just checked it out yesterday from my local library and I am reading it again for the second time.  For those of you not in the know, Barbara Erskine is a hugely popular, bestselling British author whose books have been published in every country possible.  Her novels are a mishmash of reincarnation (one of my favorite themes to read and write about), history, sassy modern day heroine and generally spooky supernatural stuff.  Many times her novels have a sinister, gothic undertone that leaves the reader always a little worried for the safety of the usually attractive, independent and professional protagonist.

On second thought, this post will not so much be a review as it will a tease – a literary tease.  Consider it a verbal trailer…  Lady of Hay centers around Joanna (Jo) a columnist for a newspaper in London.  She begins researching a story about reincarnation, hypnosis and past regression…and hilarity ensues.  Just kidding!  She becomes involved in her own past life and everything becomes mixed up with the present.  The men in her life begin acting strangely.  Does she also know them from the past?  Who knows?  The story reads like the best soap opera ever and there are lots of twists and turns to keep you burning the midnight oil to finish the book…

This was Barbara  Erskine’s very first novel and probably her best selling.  She has gone on to write 14 other books, all with similar themes.  They are all good but I think Lady of Hay is the best of the lot.

If  you’ve read the first, you’ll definitely want to read the others.  Be sure to check out Midnight Is A Lonely Place, another favorite Erskine novel.

I am excited to announce that Lady of Hay will be re-released on October 1, 2010 with a new cover.


4 thoughts on “Lady Of Hay – A Timeless Read

  1. Am a long time admirer of Barbara Erskine – have read all her novels, including her latest ‘Times Legacy’ and am eagerly awaiting the next. Meanwhile, if you have not already discovered ‘Hiding from the Light’ – go get it now. Excellent read.
    ‘House of Echoes’ another spooky one. Erskine rules!

    btw I have read Helen McInnes – loved her books.

    Great blog .. really enjoyable.
    aka @Beezan

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! We have the same favourites – Lady of Hay and Midnight. Two quite different books but both wonderful. I first read Lady of Hay when I was a teenager so it has a special place in my heart and I’ve been through several copies. I like to re-read Midnight in autumn/winter but not at night or I have to sleep with the light on!

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