Contemporary Romance Author, Kennedy Ryan Raises Awareness for Autism

Kennedy’s debut novel will be released on June 17, 2014.


Published by Forever Yours/Grand Central.


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Author CJ Matthew Talks Chumash Myths, Shape Shifting Dolphins and Alpha Males

By CJ Matthewdolphin shape shifter

After the rain and the fury of the storm passes, not many of us can resist the urge to search above us for a rainbow. Even though we possess the scientific knowledge to explain its existence, the array of luminous colors arched across the sky seems magical. Rainbows have fascinated people for eons, and many ancient cultures incorporated the concept of a rainbow bridge into their traditions.

The Chumash Myth

A rainbow bridge is a pivotal part of the Native American Chumash origin tradition:

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Love and Liability by Katie Oliver

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Love and Liability is the second in a trilogy of Jane Austen meets Legally Blonde stories set in London.  Fast paced and frothy, the American author,  Katie Oliver completely transports you to London where gorgeous people screw up and figure out life and love in comic fashion.  In a tone similar to Sophie Kinsella but altogether her own, Katie Oliver will write her way into your heart with her characters and her stories.

Be on the lookout for Mansfield Lark, the next in the series to be published in March 2014.

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